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Everlasting Hope Childrens Cancer Mission provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support for children with cancer who do not have access to cancer treatments and resources within their local community.  Our first supported project is located in Cebu, Philippines.

​Everlasting HOPE is a  non-profit 501c3 registered in the State of Washington.


Kristina Andersen, the founder of Everlasting HOPE left America and made her home in Cebu, Philippines because she saw a need, a family whose son had cancer. The family was overwhelmed and scared to go to a doctor or hospital, and they didn’t have money to pay for any services. They were confused and influenced by others who convinced them to try alternative methods of healing. In less than 4 months, this 10-year-old boy went from being a happy, healthy child running and playing and going to school, to having a knee bigger than a basketball, completely isolated from the community, unnecessarily suffering and dying in pain.

Kristina knew that there was a better way. She met a mother who was seeking care for her 4-year-old daughter who had cancer. They had taken a 12-hour boat to Cebu because it was the closest hospital that treated cancer. They were in and out of the ICU unit and they didn’t have a place to stay when she wasn’t in the hospital. Kristina felt moved to invite them to stay in her personal home while they were going through treatment. 

A Safe Place

Four years ago, Kristina and her team took a leap of faith and opened the Everlasting HOPE Cebu Center for children with cancer and their families. Since then, they have helped more than 200 Filipino children and families at the Center, and even ore in the community. Providing physical, emotional, practical, and spiritual support through a difficult time. Everlasting Hope connects families to other services and resources to get the best care they can receive.

The Everlasting HOPE Center provides shelter for up to 24 guests at any time, but would like to grow. More than 50 children have stayed in the Center since they opened. The families are given a free place to stay to obtain nearby health treatment. In addition to the Center, Everlasting Hope has helped over 150 community-based children.



Click above to visit our Cebu Center 




Everlasting Hope Childrens Cancer Mission works with other companies from marketing and social media services to donor matching with major corporations. We are always seeking new partner opportunities.  Contact us. 

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