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Learn more about the programs and services we provide at our first Center in Cebu, Philippines.


Cancer has touched all of us in some way. We are often asked how and why do children get cancer?  Honestly, it doesn’t seem fair. Children should be able to enjoy their childhood, play and go to school, rather than having to fight just to survive. At Everlasting HOPE, we do everything we can to make a difference in the lives of children who have cancer and their families. 

No child should stand alone to fight a disease they don't deserve.

Home Away From Home

Complete Transport

Community Meals & Water

Safe, sanitary housing for child and parent as long as needed during treatment and recovery. 

Medical Assistance

Augment medication, medical treatment & emergency expenses to the extent funding enables. 

Transportation from remote island home to the Cebu Center and to all medical treatments.

Safe Arts & Recreation

Safe and sanitary play, recreation, arts and education to keep recovering minds active. 

Daily healthy meals, clean water & supplements unavailable in remote areas.  

Grant-a-Wish & Bereavement

When necessary, Grant-a-Wish and join the family and the community in grieving with grace and dignity.